Is your life only worth $4000?

3rd JUNE 2017 UPDATE

The Cosmetic Institute: Patient names, nude photos leaked online

21st JULY 2016 UPDATE





The average Breast Augmentation costs around $10,000. Don’t risk your life for a saving of $4,000 and be tricked by The Cosmetic Institutes lies & deception.


Hear more stories from patients of botched jobs on TV from The Cosmetic Institute


The Cosmetic Institute IN THE NEWS


  • We have heard the women in these segments are being threatened with legal action to silence them!
  • They are paying out girls with bad outcomes to be rumored up to $30,000 to not go to the media!
  • Do you know more? Send information to!
  • LEGAL ACTION: There is currently a group class action for botched surgeries, contact Sally Gleeson

Only 2 Weeks Training For Their “Specialist Doctors”

The Doctor who started the Breast Academy in  the Gold Coast, Kim-Kuan Chan, originally trained with TCI. They expected him to perform breast augmentations alone after 2 weeks of training with Dr Dona. To his credited he refused and left as he saw many faults in the way TCI was run. He saw everything, and would know the ins and outs of TCI’s practices.

Dr Chan left TCI, joined up with a group of plastic surgeons in the Gold Coast and started The Breast Academy. The Breast Academy perform all their procedures under General Anaesthetic in a licensed hospital, with Plastic surgeons. Dr Chan does things the right way.

Revision Day

I have also found out that every Monday is ‘revision’ day. Where Dr Eddy Dona, fixes up the mistakes that have been made by the other doctors on procedures performed in his clinic. This is not an infrequent occurrence, I have been informed that there is a full list of revision patients every week, without fail.

Fake Reviews

It should also be noted that there was a number of ‘positive’ reviews (over 20) put up online just after the Amy Rickhauss incident. If these reviews are investigated and found to be the work of The Cosmetic Institute, they are blatant lies, and fake reviews. Even if they were written by actual clients of TCI, the fact that so many went up at the same time, leads me to believe that TCI asked their patients to write and post them online, which is against the national law.

We also know for a fact that TCI pay people to write on blogs, such as the plastic surgery forum. Not only do they write as fake members themselves, they employ a strategy of finding members of the blogs who have been active for a long time, and paying them to write reviews. This is so there are not several good reviews written all by brand new members, which would look obviously fake.

You can see a comment on this thread which refers to the paid reviews :

(Note that the user named ‘Aspiretoinspire’ , is TCI management)


A builder who worked on the Parramatta Facility, became aware of what The Cosmetic Institute were trying to do.  They asked him to build a ‘hospital looking’ facility while cutting corners. This builder was so afraid of David Segal and Babak Moini , that he had to hire a security guard to go with him to pick up the money he was owed. This was after numerous calls trying to chase up payment. When he did finally visit The Cosmetic Institute, he was handed his payment, $400,000 in cash. I’m sure the tax department would like to know where this cash is coming from. 

Dr Eddy Dona

Dr Dona is a plastic surgeon who has created a number of unqualified doctors to make some quick cash. Be careful as it goes to show having a qualification doesn’t mean they have ethics.

The Cover Up

The media only know about two patients who had cardiac arrests from TCI. According to inside sources there have been close to 10 patients sent to St. Vincent’s hospital. This hospital are trying to cover it up because a number of their anaesthetists work at TCI and are making great money from this.