The Cosmetic Institute on 60 Minutes

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Cosmetic surgery is a billion-dollar industry in Australia. Per capita, we spend more on cosmetic procedures – breast augmentation, tummy tucks, nose jobs – than any other nation on earth. And make no mistake, it is an industry, one run mostly by entrepreneurs dubbed “cosmetic cowboys” by the medical profession. Unlike plastic surgeons, most of the thousands of cosmetic surgeons operating in Australia have no specialist surgical training. And most of their operations take place in what is basically an office. Most dangerous of all, these operations are being carried out using potentially toxic anaesthetic methods. On 60 Minutes, Tara Brown investigates an industry running rampant, unregulated and very risky.


2 thoughts on “The Cosmetic Institute on 60 Minutes

  1. Alfie and jess threatened us in the front of house and made us lie about the qualificatians of the doctors. We also made out we trained in cosmetic consulting but we had no training and learnt by making mistakes and changing things on the job.


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